Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sibby Sisti

On this date in 2006, Sibby Sisti passed away at age 85.

"When Sisti gets hurt, he does the job completely. The most sewn-up athlete in baseball. He carries the scars of 75 stitches on his carcass giving him the title of 'The Embroidered Man.'" - sportswriter, Al Hirshberg  

Casey Stengel

On this date in 1962, Mets manager Casey Stengel is fined $500 by Commissioner Ford Frick for appearing in a beer advertisement.

"I'll never forget, we went to a bar after a night game in Cleveland. He ordered a draft beer and knocked it down in one gulp. I said, 'Jeezus, Casey, why did you drink your beer so fast?' And Stengel said, 'I drink it like that ever since the accident.' I said, 'You were in an accident?' He said, 'Yeah, somebody knocked my beer over.'" - Curt Gowdy

Ed Walsh

On this date in 1946, Ed Walsh is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

"He threw a spitball. I think the ball disintegrated on the way to the plate and the catcher put it back together again. I swear when it went past the plate, it was just the spit that went by." - Sam Crawford

Johnny Evers

On this date in 1946, Johnny Evers is inducted into the Hall of Fame.

"My favorite umpire is a dead one."

Omar Vizquel

Born on today's date, Omar Vizquel.

Definitely "in sync".

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pineda gonna tweak his makeup for next game for sure


Consulting with an expert I hear.

Gaylord Perry would be so disappointed in this pine tar "deception" attempt

Warren Spahn

Born on today's date, Warren Spahn.

'He's my 'go-to-sleep' pitcher. I know when he's due to pitch the next day, I can get a good night's sleep the night before." - manager Fred Haney

And he probably thinks he's funny!

Jose Fernandez with 14 ks!