Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Clete Boyer meets Morganna

On this date in 1969, Morganna, a well-endowed fan dressed in a mini dress, runs onto the field at Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium and kisses Clete Boyer on the cheek while he is standing at the plate. Boyer then promptly ends a 1-for-17 slump with an RBI single and goes on a 8-for-15 tear.

And he didn't take her on the road with him why?


Johngy said...

Morganna is reportedly retired and semi-reclusive or at least not willing to talk about those days.

Core Contrarian said...

That is unfortunate.

Unless she has had some "reduction", I would also assume is experiencing some serious back pain right about now.

Core Contrarian said...


This one just occurred to me. If there is not a picture of you and Morganna together on your site, then she is no doubt a recluse!