Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random thoughts from today's Tigers game


1. Mike Trout has a "noodle-arm" of Johnny Damon proportions. Slow as molasses, Delmon Young on second base and hitter hits a "medium-deep" can of corn. Young is tagging and looks like he is going! Trout catches the ball and Young is really going! I am thinking WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! Any outfielder will throw him out easily from that depth! Having a hard time processing this information! Trout uncorks a slow-motion rainbow and Young easily beats the throw. Obviously our third base coach, Gene Lamont knew all about Trout's arm. Carefully watched Trout's next throw which was from the fence and was another rainbow which barely reached the cutoff man. MLB will run on him at will.

2. Prince Fielder and Delmon Young hit back to back VERY LONG bombs off Ervin Santana. Santana does not knock down or pitch inside to the next batter, Brennan Boesch. Santana can't pitch on my team. That 5.46 ERA is deserved.

3. Fox Sports Detroit game host, Shannon Hogan walks by with microphone in hand. I say to my friend "During every broadcast, my Tiger twitter followers say she is fat." "They're high." "Agreed. They also say she is a ditz." "Well, you know...."

4. I mentioned that Scott Downs looked like a refugee from one of those 80's Andrew McCarthy films. No response. From ANYONE ! It was no doubt that nobody around me knew who Andrew McCarthy was and NOT because it wasn't funny or clever! It was hot out and stuff too.


night owl said...

Those people should be forced to watch St. Elmo's Fire, followed by Weekend at Bernie's, and then ... just to make sure they never make the same mistake again, Mannequin on a continuous loop.

Scott Sawyer said...

Mannequin was banned by the Geneva Convention.

Play at the Plate said...

Oh no, NOT MANNEQUIN! I had successfully blocked that one from memory.

Contrary Guy said...

I am partial to that cinematic masterpiece "Fresh Horses" myself.