Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hank Greenberg

Born on this date, Hank Greenberg.

"As a young teenager, I had a tremendous crush on Hank Greenberg. I became an avid baseball fan and since we shared the same last name, my friends called me 'Hank'. The year 1936 was a leap year in which a female could propose marriage to a male. I sent a written proposal of marriage to Hank. He answered my proposal with a friendly hand-written note to the effect that he wasn't quite ready for marriage at that time. Of course, I was thrilled to have a personal note from my hero - never dreaming that anything further would develop. However, shortly thereafter, I learned that he was to be a guest speaker at the youth meeting at Congregation Shaarey Zedek. Of course, I attended so I could meet him in person. I was a very shy 13 year old but, I found the courage to introduce myself to this gorgeous hunk as the girl who proposed to him. With a number of members present, he looked at me and with a twinkle in his eye said, 'I accept'. It was an unforgettable moment when Hank made a starry-eyed teenager feel very special." - Harriet (Greenberg) Colman (Detroit News)

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