Friday, May 10, 2013

The umpires messed up the "pitcher must face one batter" rule last night in Houston?

You know somebody must have slipped something into their food before the game.

"Touche" to whoever did this!

Love pranksters. 


Anthony Hughes said...

I was at the game! It was so confusing because I had no idea what the big problem was. Without a TV announcer to clue me in, I was just looking around making my "WTF?!?" face. Finally some old coot with his AM radio stuck in his ear clued me in. I managed to finish an entire Budweiser while Scioscia strained his ovaries over it.

Contrary Guy said...

Wow! Had I been at the game, I would have been completely confused too because never in a million years would I think they would have called that.