Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ten Cent Beer Night

On this date in 1974 at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, the Indians forfeit a game to the Rangers after numerous fans ran onto the field and brawled with each other and the players. One factor leading to the series of incidents was the game's "Ten-Cent Beer Night" which enabled fans to purchase an unrestricted number of concession beers in increments of six.

"I remember a father and son going out to center field and mooning everybody. Streakers were running across the field and I remember one woman coming out and running over to kiss an umpire." - Rangers Mike Hargrove

"Let's go get 'em boys!" - Billy Martin arming himself with a fungo bat and leading a charge of Rangers toward right center field 

"I've got a picture in my office of 10-12 guys leading the charge into right field with bats in hand." - Rangers Rich Billings

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