Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Brien Taylor

On this date in 1993, top Yankees prospect Brien Taylor injured his shoulder in a bar room fight near his home in North Carolina which required surgery and derailed his career before he pitched a game in the major leagues.

"I've been through 28 drafts, and Brien Taylor, to this day is the best high school pitcher I've seen in my life." - Scott Boras


Jamie Meyers said...

That might be true in terms of his throwing ability but his mechanics were the worst of any guy I ever saw in Double-A. He had no pickoff move whatsoever and was not a good fielder. He was also a first class jerk. I was not unhappy to see him not make it.

Contrary Guy said...

I think a lot of guys get through the low minors just throwing and develop the ability to pitch, field, hold runners later. I know Taylor got busted for dealing drugs within the last few years and did some time and may still be in jail for all I know.