Saturday, June 28, 2014

Frank Thomas

On this date in 2007, Frank Thomas hits his 500th career home run.

"I was the one player who was hurt the most. All those years I finished second, third, fourth behind those guys. I probably could have won four more MVPs." - on playing with players who took steroids


Daniel Wilson said...

I'm a big fan of Frank Thomas, but I checked and he would have won 1 additional MVP. In 2000 he came in second to Jason Giambi. But the other years that he came didn't win but was in the top 5 he lost to Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffey Jr, and Justin Morneau. So I think for him to say he would have won 4 more MVP's is a little out there.

Fuji said...

Good research Daniel. One additional MVP. Four additional MVPs. Doesn't matter to me. The guy is a first ballot hall of famer in my book (and of course in Cooperstown's as well).