Friday, June 13, 2014

Gene Desautels

Born on today's date, gene Desautels.

"Gene Desautels, then a rookie catcher for Detroit, was a cocky young fellow and was giving umpire Cal Hubbard a hard time. On a play at second, Desautels slid in and Hubbard called him out. I think Hubbard was hoping Desautels would complain so he could throw him out of the game too. Desautels said sweetly, 'You can't call me out.' Hubbard blustered, 'Oh no? Why not?' 'Because I'm sitting on the ball.'" - President of the American League and former Red Sox manager Joe Cronin when asked by the Senate Anti-Trust Subcommittee if he'd ever seen a player win an argument with an umpire     

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