Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who voted for David Segui?

Ok, SOMEBODY voted for David Segui for the Hall of Fame.

I think this is akin to vandalism or defacing a ballot.

Does this involve a Florida-like confusing "butterfly" punch ballot or something like that?

I would vote for his dad before him.

Who would consciously do this?

Remember in that movie, Toy Story when someone gave Andy bedsheets for his birthday and one of the toys who was secretly watching the festivities cracked, "Who invited that kid?"

Same thing here.

Who gave that guy a ballot?


Matthew Glidden said...

I might've voted for (David) Segui, just because he was my favorite Mariner for a year. So yeah, good thing I don't have that level of influence!

night owl said...

Eh, remember when Gus Hall, the Communist Party candidate for president would show up on the ballot every fourth year? And you'd think, who's voting for that guy?

There were people.

Contrary Guy said...


I gotcha.

When I was younger, I really liked Aurelio Rodriguez, third baseman for the Tigers. I think it was his name, long hair, mustache and rifle arm.

If given a ballot with his name on it, who knows what I would have done.


Contrary Guy said...

Night Owl,

I think Lyndon LaRouche still runs.

I think he took a hiatus when he was in jail though.


RichieO said...

I don't get it either. There are less than 600 people in the world with the privelige of electing players to immortality and every year some asshole makes a joke out of it.

These ballots should not be anonymous and the writers who do this need to give an explanation. In this case this writer should lose his voting priveliges and be replaced with someone who would appreciate it and take it seriously.