Friday, September 4, 2009

Bobby Cox ejection watch

After being in a mini-slump for a little while, Bobby Cox finally came to life and was able to get ejected from last night's Braves game against the Marlins and this extends his major league record for ejections to 149.

The AP game story is not very specific as to the facts other than he was thrown out in the eighth inning for arguing balls and strikes. Sounds like a pretty generic ejection but they all count.

"I think, honestly, I could umpire-just call everything a ball except for pitches right down the middle," Cox said after the game.

Ok, again this does not appear to be one of Bobby's better ejections but I do give him points for the sarcasm which kind of spices things up a little. He's trying.

This career ejection number 149 gives Cox a commanding 18 ejection lead over second place manager, John McGraw who had 131 ejections. As most of you know, John McGraw is dead. Not to be too morbid, but this is the perfect opportunity for Bobby to extend his lead; when his closest competitor is dead. No need for complacency now.

If he could maybe get thrown out of a game this weekend*, he could really gain some momentum and then there would be no stopping this juggernaut.

The only thing that possibly could stop him would be flawless umpiring and well do I need to go further.....

*p.s. rather than doing another post. He did it! 150 tonight! I don't know the facts yet but I know he is gone from the game and can't come back. This has a magical feel to it!

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